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The adhesive mount will not stay attached to the dashboard2024-02-09T11:47:11+10:00
  • Ensure dashboard is clean and free of debris, use an alcohol swab to clean.
  • Ensure that the protective film has been removed from the adhesive pad.
  • When mounting hold the bracket firmly to the dashboard for at least 60 seconds.
The monitor will not power on2024-02-09T11:48:45+10:00
  • Vehicle Accessory Socket – Check the vehicle accessory socket has power, simply plug another device and see if it powers up (or use a test light / multimeter to check for power).
  • Monitor Power Cable – Check the fuse in the tip of the accessory plug, it may need to be replaced.
  • Using a Type-C to Type-C cable will not work on this unit.
I’ve messed up all the settings and want to start again2024-02-08T09:58:22+10:00
  • Factory reset is available in the menu which allows you to reset the monitor back to factory settings.
I have turned off Assistive touch in the settings and cannot exit CarPlay/Android Auto to the home screen2024-02-08T09:57:20+10:00
  • You can exit Android Auto by bringing up the application list and tapping exit.
  • To exit CarPlay, bring up the application menu and then tap the ‘SmartScreen’ icon.
Reverse camera guidelines do not show when I use the reverse camera2024-02-08T09:55:34+10:00
  • They will only show when the vehicle is in reverse and the camera has been connected to a reverse trigger in the vehicle.
What size Micro SD card can I use for music playback2024-02-08T09:51:50+10:00
  • Up to 256GB Micro SD is supported.
The display is too bright in the night time2024-02-09T11:49:50+10:00
  • You can setup the Auto dimming feature which allows you to set a time for when the screen will automatically dim to the desired level. NOTE: This feature will only work when Apple CarPlay is connected.
  • You can also adjust the brightness on the fly using the ‘assistive touch icon’ and tapping the brightness icon.